Membership Opportunities

Membership in ICBI

Capital Budgeting Membership OpportunitiesMembership in ICBI is open to any person or company with an interest in the capital budgeting process.
Professional Members - Reserve preparers including managers that perform reserve study services - Individual memberships are required of any person issuing reports under ICBI standards.  As an example, if three individuals from the same company issue reserve study reports, each of those persons must maintain an individual membership in ICBI.  Membership Fee is $100 annually.
Affiliate Members - Affiliate members are any business partners such as software companies that work with the reserve study profession but do not prepare reserve studies.  Membership Fee is $100 annually.
Company Members - Companies may establish a company membership to signify support of ICBI, but a requirement is that all reserve preparers for the Company must also hold individual memberships in ICBI. Membership Fee is $250 annually.
Reserve preparers that join ICBI are required to follow the Generally Accepted Reserve Study Standards.  This includes using an ICBI certified software product to guarantee accuracy of calculations.  Reserve preparer members are allowed to display an ICBI Member logo image to indicate membership in ICBI.  Typical uses are on website, letterhead or reports.

Membership Benefits


Recognized professionalism – ICBI is the only organization requiring professional level standards and continuing education.  ICBI membership demonstrates that you adhere to the only set of professional level of reserve study standards that require clarity, consistency and comparability and that you continually upgrade your knowledge through required annual training.

Training and education – ICBI members get the most relevant training available for the reserve study process, available through Associated Reserve Planners.

Quarterly newsletter – Beginning in the second half of 2020 ICBI will publish its Quarterly newsletter addressing various topics related to the reserve study process.  This newsletter gives ICBI and you exposure to approximately 22,000 people in the community association industry.

Advertising opportunity in newsletter – Only ICBI members are allowed to advertise in the ICBI quarterly newsletter.  Reach your market inexpensively through the ICBI newsletter.

Participation in national “brand” marketing for ICBI – ICBI is already recognized as a professional “brand.”  ICBI is referenced in the CAM (Community Association Manager) training material in Florida, the largest association market in the world, and continues to pop up randomly in other locations as more managers and board members become aware of the benefits that ICBI offers them as users of reserve study reports.

Website listing – ICBI members can have a free listing on ICBI’s website at 

Annual conference and Networking – ICBI does not itself have an annual conference but works with Associated Reserve Planners (ARP-USA) by sponsoring the annual ARP conference where ICBI members can network with professional colleagues while also attending educational events.  This is a good fit because ARP membership requires adherence to ICBI standards.

Affordable membership cost – ICBI membership is a modest $100 annually for individual members and $250 for the optional “Company Membership” level of support.  ICBI is 100% volunteer operated, so we keep costs low so you to enable broad membership.

Standards force correct calculations and disclosures – ICBI standards and the requirement to use certified software means that preparer’s won’t have to worry about the accuracy of your calculations or adequate disclosures.  Follow the standards and you’re covered.

Insurance – ICBI is currently negotiating for group rates for errors and omissions insurance, that adhering to ICBI’s high standards reduces the risk of loss to the insurance company.

Opportunity to move up to the RRC – Only ICBI members have the opportunity to move up to the RRC (Registered Reserve Consultant) credential.  This is a new and broader credential under development by the Budgeting Professionals Credentialing Board that requires compliance with ICBI’s Generally Accepted Reserve Study Standards.  See more at